To the untrained, concrete cleaning may appear to be a difficult task. Concrete can be exposed to grease, dust and oil so the correct pressure cleaning techniques are essential for performing such a task.

Concrete is an extremely porous material and hence easily and quickly absorbs most stains that appear on it. Concrete cleaning, therefore becomes a complicated task especially if you are unaware of what needs to be done. This article sheds light on certain tips that you could follow in order to clean concrete floors that are subjected to various kinds of stains. A fastidious approach that is followed will ensure that your floors are maintained in optimal condition.

Sealing with a commercial sealer and painting floors are two important tasks that complement the concrete cleaning and pressure cleaning process. This will save you time and lots of money if it is done periodically. This is largely because sealed floors do not require much cleaning. However, for unsealed concrete floors, follow the steps mentioned below to keep them looking clean and neat.

(1) Initially, sweep up loose dirt on the surface. Subsequently wash the floor with either a strong all purpose concrete cleaning solution or you could alternatively make use of a homemade cleaning solution that is relatively safer.

(2) Garage floors like other outdoor flooring areas are the most tough to clean especially because they are exposed to a number of challenging stains like oil, grease and rust. They also accumulate a lot of debris, litter and loads of road dirt. Yet another reason is that you may not have focused on cleaning your outdoors as much as you clean the indoor of your home. Outdoor cleaning usually tends to take a back seat.

Cat litter is an excellent primary step in pressure cleaning your garage floor. Spread litter to absorb excessive grease and oil that are on the surface. Make sure to close the door so that leaves and other kinds of windblown debris do not collect in your garage during the cleaning process.

(3) Use a stiff broom to spread cat litter. Always work from the back of the garage to its front portion. Use a blast of jet water to flush the floor. Tough spots of debris can be scoured with your stiff broom.

(4) When surface level dirt has been removed, use heavy duty commercial cleaner on the floor with a sponge mop. Apply pressure on soiled areas. Make sure to rinse with clear and cool water to remove any traces of commercial cleaner. Dry the surface thoroughly.

When there are specific kinds of stains, you need to make use of extensive and specific concrete cleaning procedure to remove them and these are detailed below

(1) Rust stains need to be removed with water and oxalic acid when they are light. For heavy rust stains, make use of lukewarm water and a poultice of sodium citrate.

(2) Pressure cleaning oil stains can be done by following the procedure listed above.

(3) Grease stains must be removed by scraping the grease off first and then scrubbing the stain with scouring powder.

Concrete cleaning and concrete repair must be meticulously handled especially when commercial cleaners and pressure washers are made use of. However, with some diligent action and an effective procedure, cleaning concrete floors is not a difficult task.